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Parents: Do you know who your children talk to while online?
Do you know where they go?
Do you know who they are with?
Do you know when they will get home?

Kids: How do you know who you can trust online?

If the answer to these questions is:

You need to find out the truth about online PREDATORS
and how they affect your children.

We are currently presenting seminars on child safety and online safety.
The seminar is titled;"Child Safety: From Sexual Predators"

If you would like for us to present a seminar for your group, e-mail us:

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Every Day

 * Give your child a hug & say, "I love you."
 * Praise your child.
 * Talk with your child.
 * Read & write with your child for at least 30 minutes.
 * With your child, make a dictionary of new words & add to it.
 * Count with your child.
 * Share news with your child.
 * Listen to music with your child.

Be ashamed to die
Until you have won
Some victory for humanity

Horace Mann
If you put yourself above others,
You will be put down.
But if you humble yourself,
You will be honored.

Matt 23:12

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Child Safety Made Simple AND Child Safety: From Sexual Predators

Please visit our Family Learning Center

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